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About Persey Orthopedics

Custom-made orthopedic shoes. Orthopedic surgeons consultations. Children orthopedic shoes store. Individual insoles. Seabed Massage Mat.

   Persey Orthopedic Centre Company was established in 2002.

   The main activity of the Centre is providing orthopedic aid to the community with orthopedic products and services.
The company operates under License № 90-08-000028 granted on 30.11.2007 by the Federal agency of public health and social development supervision of the Russian Federation.

   Persey Orthopedic offers a wide range of orthopedic products from children prophylactic to complex individual orthopedic shoes and other products.

   Persey Orthopedic has a medical and a production department.

At Medical department a client gets a qualified advice from orthopedic surgeon who examines the patient and prescribes a respective orthopedic service.
At Production department a prescribed orthopedic product is made. Quality and functionality are the major principles of the production process.

Услуги ортопедического центра Персей Persey Orthopedics products are prescribed in the following cases:

- Flat-foot, metatarsalgia;
- Pes plano - valgus;
- Hallux valgus, hammer toe;
- Clubfoot - congenital, paralytic or posttraumatic;
- Lower limb and foot shortening;
- Foot arthritis;
- Cerebral palsy gait disturbances
- Poliomyelitis foot deformation
- Paralytic drop foot;
- Amputation stump;
- Chronic ulcer, postoperative scar defect;
- Diabetic foot;
- Posttraumatic foot, leg and ankle deformation;
- Varix dilatation;
- Lymphostasis and elephantiasis;
- Inherited on-tips gait;
- Toeing-in gait:
- Plantar callosity.

Услуги ортопедического центра Персей Ergonomic requirements:

   Footwear must not limit normal foot function, it must not provoke soreness and discomfort.

   Shoe form must not worsen walking function.

   Footwear shape and footwear top parts assembly must not exert excess pressure on foot.

   Footwear should fit tightly with a fastener allowing to change shoe size within day time.

   Plantar surface of the foot must have a good grip with inner shoe sole.

Design and technical support:
Elena Romanova, Elena Filippova