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Orthopedic shoes Orthopedic shoes

The orthopedic shoes are prescribed for people with the low extremities deformity and diseases.

   The therapeutic action of the shoes is as follows:
first, the correction of mild, non-rigid foot deformity;
second, prevention of further development and progression of low extremities diseases.

   The shoes make the pressure distribution on the foot sole during standing and gait more optimal.
The several specific requirements for orthopedic shoes are as follows:
- conformity to individual shape, anatomy and function of the foot;
- ease, elasticity, durability and high wear resistance;
- sufficient depth, size and internal volume;
- softness and gentlness of the material;
- smoothness of internal surface, absence of rough stitch;
- formation of foot arch, softness in sore areas.

   There are certain indications for orthopedic shoes:
- Varix dilatation, edema;
- Lower limb-length inequality;
- Different foot sizes;
- Clubfoot - congenital, paralytic or posttraumatic;
- Pes plano - valgus;
- Paralytic drop foot;
- Cerebral palsy gait disturbances;
- Amputation stump;
- Chronic ulcer or postoperative foot defect;
- Postinjury foot, leg and ankle deformation;
- Diabetic foot;
- Poliomyelitic foot deformation.

   Persey Orthopedic Center produces the following types of orthopedic shoes:

Individual, custom-made shoes for:
- adults,
- teenagers (15-16 year),
- children.

Standard shoes:
- Children shoes for prophylaxis of deformation;
- Anti-virus shoes;
- Stabilizing shoes for cerebral palsy;
- Shoes for teenagers;
- Shoes for adults.

Orthopedic shoes are prescribed when there is deformation and illnesses of lower extremities.

Design and technical support:
Elena Romanova, Elena Filippova