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Orthopedic shoe product

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Orthopedic shoe product

Orthopedic shoe product

Orthopedic shoe products are prescribed for people with inherent or amputation foot defects.
Prescription, appearance and design of a product is determined by orthopedic surgeons depending on anatomic peculiarities and pathologic changes to the patients’ lower limbs.

Orthopedic shoe products are made individually.

Instructions for use
When using orthopedic shoe products the following rules should be followed:
- Do not dry on heaters;
- Do not apply humid cleaning to products made of natural textile materials, bark of the cork tree.
- Please apply soft wet fabric for productы made of grain leather.

   Insert shoe
Insert shoe for patients with forefoot amputations consists of artificial toe with wedge-shaped inset or without it, hard tongue, inter-insole layer or without it.

Insert shoe

   Insert boot
Insert boot improved with side lacing for people with short stump of the foot consists of artificial toe with wedge-shaped inset, inter-insole layer, hard tongue, metal plate.

Insert boot



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